Sleep depravation for an EEG

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what is the best way to make sure my 8-year-old ADHD son will be sleep deprived before his EEG? keeping him up for only 3 out of his usual 10 hour night of sleep definitely won't work! I think w/his energy level I may have to keep him up for almost the whole night! The secretary making the appointment said this was unnecessary. any suggestions


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It does sound unnecessary. Why do you feel he needs to be so severely sleep deprived?
Usually, with kids under 10 years old, doctors only ask that they be awakened around or shortly after midnight before the test, and remain awake until the test. (And I'm sure the secretary told you caffeine is off limits between midnight and the test). His energy levels won't really effect the test--just because he has physical energy, doesn't mean his mind is rested, they are two completely separate things, so you can't judge how "sleepy" he is based on how physically tired he is. He can be "sleepy" and still be very hyper--in fact, that is very common with children with ADHD. They actually need MORE sleep, to keep themselves calmer. The less sleep they have, the more hyper and unfocused they are. So be prepared for a wild ride during the sleep deprivation.

If you have a telescope, you can entertain him by taking him out to look at the stars--the cool air will refresh him as well. Play a board game or put on some music and dance with him. Anything to keep him moving. Avoid movies because they make it easy to fall asleep.

That said, 10 hour night is recommended for 8 year olds, so a 3 hour deficit should make a pretty big impact, but it would depend on the diagnostic goals of the doctor. What is he testing for?

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