Sleep problems Please Help!!

Eloise - posted on 11/14/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




Normally my daughter is very good with sleep, she goes for a bath at 6.30pm and then goes to bed and sleeps through till 7-8am until recently. After the 5th November she has started not wanting to sleep at night, She sleeps fine during the day at nap time but just refuses to go to sleep at bed time! She normally cries herself to sleep but that usually takes some time. Please has anyone been through this and can someone please give me some help and advice!! Thanks xxx


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Stephanie - posted on 11/24/2010




take nap times away during the day
children need to understand that we dont sleep all day and play all night

Eloise - posted on 11/15/2010




Thanks for all the help and I apologise for not putting her age I thought I had, She's 15 months old x

Susan - posted on 11/15/2010




without knowing an age. she may be getting too much sleep in the day or you may need to make her bedtime a bit later.

Louise - posted on 11/15/2010




If your child is under the age of 2 then they need an afternoon nap of about an hour and a half. My advice to you is do not let her sleep any longer than an hour and a half and then just stick to what you are doing it will pass. Another thing is maybe she has seen something that has spooked her so make sure she has something in her bed to comfort her at night. My daughter has a fleecy blanket that she snuggles into at night. A simple advert on the tv could be enough to frighten her if she is of talking age then ask her and try and put her mind at rest. This will pass however so hold on there you are doing all the right things by sticking to a routine.

Renae - posted on 11/14/2010




What is it with 15 month olds and sleep regressions lately! Honestly I'm hearing this all day long. Is it a month of full moons or something! lol

For now you need to ride this out. It hasn't been going on very long and could be just a normal sleep regression, which lasts 2-4 weeks at her age. You need to keep doing what you usually do, stick to your routine, continue to put her to sleep in her normal way, and stick it out. When she wakes during the night, put her to sleep the same way you do at bedtime. You may also find a reason for this that is not yet apparent, like molars coming through.

She is also at the age where it would be normal for her to drop to one nap a day, so keep an eye out for her not needing her morning nap (and to start with her afternoon nap will need to be earlier, around 11 am). For now, just hang in there. Do not try putting her to bed later, I hear this recommended all the time, I dont know why because it only ever seems to make matters worse. Babies sleep better when they are ready for sleep but not overtired.

Hang in there, its only been a few days and too soon to know whether there is an obvious reason for her waking.

Leah - posted on 11/14/2010




When my son was 3 days at home we had a play pen that we had him sleep in as we had a 1 bedroom and the crib wouldn't fit through the door(a friend had already had it set up). So he was crying those nights and wouldn't sleep. So him and I moved to the couch and slept on that for about two months,then we moved to a 2 bedroom apartment. Tried getting him to sleep in his crib and all he would do is cry. So he slept another month and a half with me on the couch. Then one night we did our regular routine and I put him down. He maybe cried for 5 minutes and went to sleep. He's been an angel ever since and will usally sleep until 9am. He is almost 15 and recently he's been getting up at 8am,which is fine. Maybe try rocking your baby and singing to her 10 minutes before you put her down and then set her in her crib. We also played nightime lullabys when my son slept in his crib alone.

Jade - posted on 11/14/2010




i think everyones been through this, my suggestion is you could take away her nap durring the day and still put her to bed at the same time you do every night or you can try putting her to bed a little later. hope this helps

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