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My LO is a very well behaved our only problem is getting him to fall asleep on his own and to stay asleep. This week we started the cry it out method. We established a bed time routine at about 7:30 pm and then Sunday night he cried for about 1 hour, then Monday night he cried for 45 min, third night was 55 min and the the fourth night which was last night he cried for an hour and 10 minutes. I am wondering how long I should keep trying this if it doesn't get any better. Also once he does fall asleep he wakes up crying again within an hour. Then he will go back to sleep if I hold him then I will put him back down in his bed and he will sleep for a few hours and then wakes up crying. I am breastfeeding and when he wakes up he expects to eat but I don't know if I should feed him or just put him back to sleep. Also I don't know if I should pick him up when he wakes up in the middle of the night or let him scream it out which I'm afraid will be another hour each time. If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated!!


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I know the solution!

You don't need to do the cry it out method... I never did and don't encourage it. Child feels abandon after 20 minutes.

First you're naps are being done wrong. Figure out when he is tired during the day and put him down... you need to figure this out first. Nurse him, rock him whatever it is you do. They need comfort to sleep well.

Second, the baby's bed time is 3 hours after they wake up from their last nap. That is why your baby is waking up a few hours after he is asleep (depending on the age- if he is on solids he should not be waking up).

The baby is having night terrors that is why he is up a few hours later. When my daughter is overstimulated during the day sometimes she wakes up a few hours after she's asleep and I just give her a bottle and rock her and she's back to sleep in 10 minutes.

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