Sleep Training My 14 Month Old! Please Help!

Chasity - posted on 11/06/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 14 month old son is taking over my bed!! He has slept with me since birth!! I know I know a BIG NO NO but this is my first child! I have heard people tell me to let him cry it out but I don't know If I can do that. Are there any other options? Here is his nightly routine bath at 7:00 bottle at 8:00 and them we start the process of getting him to sleep we go lay down in my bed and he fights me for about 30 to 45 minutes then finally passes out I put him in his co sleeper. He will sleep for about 30 minutes then it's back to putting him back to sleep and then if I try to put him back in his bed he wakes up before I put him in it! I have to get him in his own bed before I lose my mind completely!! Thanks


Cecilia - posted on 11/06/2013




First, don't feel so bad about him sleeping with you. I do it too. Many do it. We're all told it's horrible but just know i didn't kill one of my five children doing it. Please listen to your mommy instinct and don't let him just cry it out. I think it's mean. The only reason they stop crying is because they've given up on their parents. :(

That being said, with my now 3 year old this is how i got her out of my bed ( she was 18 months when we did this). First we went to the store and let her pick out a bed. We then went to the fabric store and picked out fabric for sheets, blankets and pillow cases. ( you can just let them pick out a bed set too) She also got a new build-a-bear that was for her bed only.

We then set up the bed. It was in the livingroom for 3 days. Never forced her on it. It was just something that was there and she sat on it and got comfortable with the idea of it. We put it between the wall and our bed. She got right in. I slept with my hand hanging off the bed and on top of her for a good four days.

2 weeks later we pulled our bed away. A month after that she moved into her own room. Yes sometimes she still comes into my bed. It's maybe 2-3 times a month though. It's usually because of a nightmare. Which in my opinion is fair to allow her to feel comforted.

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