Sleep training...not going so well.

Ashley - posted on 11/16/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Ok moms, I need some help. My 8 month old baby boy REFUSES to sleep in his own crib! He takes his bedtime bottle around 8 and is out cold till about 11. He falls asleep at the end of his bottle and goes in his crib no problem. Then at 11 all hell breaks loose. I let him cry for a good hour and a half the other night before I gave in. I'm just not sure what to do. Any advise would be greatly appreciated!


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Alana - posted on 01/13/2013




HI!!! I know its been a few months, are you still having trouble?

If so...You are not alone! I have been stressing out soooo bad trying to figure all of this out...and FINALLY I found the most helpful site ever.
copy and past this link into your browser:
this lady is amazing. you will find TONS of links and methods. I LOVE that she doesnt try and enforce one thing! She gives you options and cause and effect, and solutions to diff problems. its amazing.

my son is the same age as you i assume because now he is 10mo old. he used to cosleep with me but now after trying the diff methods alexis suggested he falls asleep at night on his own with only like 5 mins of whimpering or less. Now we are working on naps. (as she suggests)

GOOD LUCK to you!!!

Ariana - posted on 11/16/2012




The other thing you can do is go in and say it's time for sleep - do NOT pick him up- and walk out, wait another 5 minutes, go back in tell him it's time to sleep, etc. Do this over and over until he goes to bed. This may seem stressful but it lets him know that yes, you are around, but no, you aren't picking him up.

Now since you've already tried this but caved that is going to make this a lot harder. Once you cave they will last much longer in trying to get your attention. So if you waited an hour and a half of allowing him to cry be prepared to go in for at least that long if not longer. He will get VERY upset that you aren't caving.

If you just can't go in every five minutes without caving then you need to just let him cry it out. Even if that means putting him to bed and then having someone you trust watch him for the rest of the night while you go out somewhere, or to a friends house. If you continue to cave he will not be sleeptrained, and it will become harder every time you cave for it to start working.

Whichever way you decide to do it you have to stay strong and not cave.

Are you a single mom or married? If you are married and your spouce can handle it let them sleep train them and you go out. Do whatever you need to but do NOT cave once you've made a plan.

Good luck!

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