sleep walkingat 41/2 yrs

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is it normal to sleep walk at 4 yrs old , my little one has recently started doing this ,is there something im missing ?he just started doing this about a week ago ?


Colleen - posted on 01/15/2010




According to the experts it's part of a sleep disorder which has something to do with the electrics in the brain during REM sleep. Apparently it's genetic most of the time. Is there anyone in your family that sleepwalks or talks? I have twin boys and one is a sleepwalker and the other a sleeptalker. Both my sister and I were sleepwalkers and talkers. As long as you don't wake him when he's on a mission and gently guide him back to bed all should be fine and nothing to worry about. I stopped walking around when I was in my teens but I do still talk in my sleep on occasion.

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