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I have a healthy five month old son and my question for all you moms out there is how did you get your little ones to start sleeping through the night (8 + hours). He has slept 6 hours before but it is not consistent. As well I want to develop a nap routine to gain some structure in our lives. Any advice on sleep habits? I need my sleep back lol


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I have 3 boys, ages 8, 4, and 2. With my first son, I made the mistake of letting him sleep in my bed and it took FOREVER to get him out of my bed! So I vowed not to make that mistake again. So for my last two I used the Sears sleep training method where I laid them down in their cribs at a set time every night and let them cry until they soothed themselves in small increments of 5 mins.

So, for instance, I would lay them down at their set time. Let them cry for 5 mins and then come to them but DO NOT pick them up. This defeats the purpose. Rub their backs, make the shhhh sound, whatever it takes to soothe them and then walk away. If they cry again, wait 10 mins the next time to come back and so on so forth. This worked for both of them and within 2 weeks, tops, they were both completely sleep trained. HTH!! :)

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