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I'm hoping that someone can give me some advice or even just reassurance on the subject sleep training. My daughter is 3 months old and a few weeks ago she stopped taking long naps, her average nap is 15 to 40 minutes long. I didn't realize this was a big deal until she started getting really cranky thats when I checked to see how much sleep she needed at her age and realized she was overtired. Since then I have started routines and spent lots of time getting her down for a nap. At first it worked after a few days of reading books and practicing I had her going down in the morning for and hour and in the afternoon for 2 2 1/2hrs I also have her going down at 9pm instead of 11pm this has been going on for the past ten days then on the tenth day I had to wake her from her first nap to take a friend to the airport ever since she won't go down for more then 40 minutes at a time and never seems rested is this normal???I've now read a few books but each contridicts the other and my husbands parent keep telling me if I dont start sleep training her she will have sleep problems for years. Im so lost is she too young to even be pushing this. I Am not comfortable with letting her cry it out and am looking for all alternative ways to help her self sooth and nap. She usually falls asleep nursing and sleeps in a play pen beside us. I'm so lost please help. Also she won't take a pacifier.

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