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My one year old son absolutely refuses to sleep in his own bed. I've talked to his pediatrician and the only suggestion she gives me is to selfsoothe ...but he can go for hours and it breaks my heart. I've tried waiting for him to fall asleep and then placing him into his crib but he just wakes right back up..anyone have any suggestions


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We went through this with my nephew, who we have Guardianship of, after his Mother left. We were doing the same thing as you, letting him fall asleep and then putting him in the bed with little or no success. It does break your heart, but after reading everything I could, the Cry It Out method does seem to work. We had a night light in his room, but added Dream Light that stays on for 20 minutes and got a CD player for his room, both of which seemed to help. We also let him cry for 15-20 minutes went back in and told him goodnight again, laid him back down and left the room, continuing to do this at longer and longer intervals. After about 2 weeks, he didn't even cry anymore when we put him to bed. I'm not going to lie, the first days of it, I told my husband, that I felt like my heart was being ripped out of my chest, but you HAVE to stick to it. And he may go for hours at first, but once he figures out you're not going to take him out, he should stop. Children need to sleep in their own beds and learn to get themselves to sleep. Our nephew is now 21 months old and goes to bed in his crib and usually sleeps the entire night. He still has his moments, but we still practice the 15-20 minute rule and it hardly ever requires going back in more than once. Good luck.

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