sleeping and bottle plz help:)

Jessica - posted on 10/11/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter is 19 months old and still won't go to bed without a bottle of milk. but when I try to give her bottle while she's awake and then brush her teeth before bed, it's a nightmare. plus i'm trying to get her to sleep in a big girls bed Any suggestions or tricks of the trade?


Rebekah - posted on 10/11/2012




Can you switch her to water in the bottle? I'm sure she won't be happy about it, but you may have to tough it out a few nights until she gets the message that going to bed with a milk bottle isn't going to happen anymore. Does she still use a pacifier? If not, it may be a good transition to get her off the milk bottle.

Just my opinion, but I think I'd tackle one transition at a time...get the bottle thing sorted out, and then work on transitioning to the bed. The bottle is as much about security as anything else, so having to switch to a new bed may make her want to cling to the old habits even harder, just out of the need for security.

On second thought, if she is really jazzed about going into a big girl bed, you could try to frame it as big girls don't use bottles in their beds....but she is probably too young to really benefit from that kind of pitch! She might just choose the bottle and stay in the crib instead. :) Good luck!


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Jesskia-joy-izzy-joy - posted on 10/11/2012




thanks heaps i taken the side off the cot she so happy she picked he sheets and cover and nw she keeps jumpen in sayen bed bed lol so i mght try the water in the bottle tonght :)

and she never used a pacifier instead she sucks her thumb and has a cuddly :)

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