sleeping at night HELP PLEASE!

Kayla - posted on 04/10/2011 ( 13 moms have responded )




My daughter is now 2 months and at night she was sleep for more than 30mins unless shes on my chest you nursing right next to me in bed....please help, im starting to feel like a zombie with the lack of sleep.


Elizabeth - posted on 04/10/2011



125's my suggestion. It sounds like she is a little confused as far as when to sleep when you put her down for her naps during the day do not make it a comfortable pitch black room..make sure the sun is flooding in want her to get her clock on the right track.

You don't entertain a 2month old are right but you can keep her up. Don't feel the need to entertain her...let her sit in her bouncy seat and look at the toys that dangle down. One of the best pieces of advice I ever received was from another mom who told me this exact thing....let your child entertain crucial when you have more than one baby. Especially when they get a little older and aren't needing you to constantly entertain them.


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Peggy - posted on 04/13/2011




If it's getting to the point where you can't take it anymore, try to pump some milk in the day so your husband can take a night shift or two. Remember that as long as she is fed and changed and nothing is wrong with her it's o.k. to let her cry for a good 10-15 minutes. It's the only way they get any exercise and it will really tire her out. Don't let her cry for any longer than that. The Dr. told me to do it and it really helped out. It almost killed me to let them cry but they soon learned to self sooth!

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my kids both started sleeping thru the night around 10 wks old. My now 3 month old sleeps form 11pm-930am most nights. I would try a swing or a bassinet whatever it takes to break her of sleeping on you. I don't believe its safe plus she won't sleep without you which is hard on mommy. Make sure daytime naps and play is in a well lit room but at night keep it very dark. Its supposed to automatically set their internal clock so they know day from night. No tv on or anything if she stays in your room. Basically do as little as possible to help her so that she learns to sleep well on her own. It will take a little while but it should get easier. Mine pass out same time every night without having to coax them. hope this helps good luck!

Lindsay - posted on 04/12/2011




My son is 3 months and sleeps from about 10-6 each night. Get the book "Happiest Baby on the Block" and you will LOVE how much easier it is to calm her and get her to sleep for longer periods of time. My biggest suggestions are swaddling (so she can't wake herself up) and white noise (so she can't hear you).

Leslie - posted on 04/11/2011




Try putting a radio in the baby's room. That helped my kids.( I have almost 2 year old twins) I got a CD as a shower gift called "Baby Love" it has songs like "I got you baby" and "Baby Love" and it was great for nights I was up with them for me! But really any music that is low works well. I agree I have tried SO Hard not to let the kids crawl in bed with us. But it gets to a point where ya gotta do what ya gotta do! Do you have the baby in a crib? Try using a bassinette. The crib might be to big yet and they feel kinda lost. That's all i got! Good luck! :)

Tinker1987 - posted on 04/11/2011




try your hardest not to let baby in bed with you. beacuse in a year or two you will have a post " help my kid wont sleep in her own bed" lol... Sometimes some Noise helps the baby sleep, low speed fan, humidifer. i for one cannot sleep in dead silence.

Christina - posted on 04/11/2011




I had this happen to me too...and I broke all the rules...he slept in between me and my husband, why because I need to get some sleep!!! he was the youngest of 6 children...and how can you take care of the others children when you are constantly tired?? I have a crib mattress on the floor in my bedroom for the nights he has problems sleeping in his room...he is going to be 4 in July. sometimes you just got to do what you got to do

Kayla - posted on 04/10/2011




she sleeps pretty good during the day, like 3 naps, she sleeps longer if we have to go somewhere and are in the car for a while. and if im holding her, shell sleep forever! as soon as i put her down at night she starts to grunt and eventually will wake herself up and start crying.

ill try putting something in her bassinet tonight.

maybe im letting her take a nap to late at night? but how can i really keep a two month old up and entertained for so long??

Elizabeth - posted on 04/10/2011




sleep is so so important and vital to being able to cope with all the demands..particularly when it isn't your only child.

Try putting something you have worn or slept on in the crib or bassinet with your baby so she will smell you even when you are not near.

Is she sleeping during the day?

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