Sleeping habbits, how to break them?

Jana - posted on 01/22/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




My daughter Aunika, 3 in February, has trouble sleeping the entire night in her own bed. The first couple years, she slept in my bed or in a bed next to mine, which now I know was not the best decision. She did sleep in her own room for a few months, that was over a year ago though. I can get Aunika to go to sleep in her own bed but between 1-6am sometime, she always wakes up and crawls into my bed, its starting to cause some troubles between my boyfriend and i, and causing me to not to get a good nights sleep and i wake up crabby or tired. (when she crawls into bed, i dont even notice till i wake up and im stiff from sleeping in one spot for hours.) I've tried sending or putting her back in her own bed or even sleeping on the floor next to mine, she wont do either, she just stays awake and cries for as long as she has to. She has listened to me a couple times, but then as soon as i fall asleep, she crawls into bed with me without me noticing.. I also want to add that she spends 11 days a month at her fathers house and she sleeps in her own bed, next to his.. Or if she goes to my parents, she sleeps int heir bed, which i know, doesn't help. My parents dont really have a choice because she has nowhere else to sleep when she is there... I guess my question is... How can i get her to love sleeping in her own bed and if she wakes up in the middle of the night, how do i get her to stay in her bed and just go back to sleep? (she already sleeps with everything she loves, favorite pillow, blanket, babies, etc..)

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