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Kristin - posted on 10/14/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




my son is 7.5 months old and will not sleep in his crib. he will only sleep in his swing, bouncer seat or stroller. he will stay in his crib for 15 minutes top and then he cries and screams until he is out of the crib. any advice on what i should do?


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Elfrieda - posted on 10/14/2011




Like Joy says, make the crib a fun place to be. My son didn't sleep well in his crib until 9 months, but I think it helped to
1) spend some playing time in the crib, with toys and you playing peek-a-boo around the railings, or just letting him hang out there with a favourite toy while you sort his clothes or something.
2) Make sure the crib is warm enough. Especially if you rock him to sleep and then put him down (bad, but I did it too), it's too much of a shock to go from your warmth to the chilly crib mattress. I put a fuzzy blanket down to trap some warmth for him, and I think it helped.
3) If he sleeps in his stroller, just let him sleep in there for now, and try the crib again in a week or two. Why fix it if it ain't broken?

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Something else you can try (if you haven't already) is to make the crib a place he wants to be. Use colorful sheets or get a mobile or hang one of those aquarium type things on the side rail. Our son had a light machine that sat on his dresser and he loved it, wouldn't sleep without it for awhile. It played lullabyes and put stars, moons, different shapes, smiley faces, clouds, etc on the ceiling. I even fell asleep looking/listening to it while rocking him to sleep a few times lol

Tamara - posted on 10/14/2011




Have you tried raising part if the mattress a little? my daughter hated sleeping flat but once we put a couple books so it was raised a few inches it helped a ton

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