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Victoria - posted on 01/26/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son is 22 months old and trying to get him to sleep on his on or through the night is impossible. He has his morning nap at 12 to 1 which is fine I bring him to bed at 8 half 8 can take up to an hour to get him to sleep yes I rock him to sleep walk the walls with him to go to sleep I know it's such a bad thing to do he then falls asleep at wakes at 12 it then takes two hours to try get him back to sleep as all he is doing is crying after finally settling him he will then wake a 3 4 and 6 and then he wakes a half 6 7 for the day we'll until morning nap.. I am so tired I have a older son who is 7 he wakes at 6.30 every morning which is fine he goes to sleep at 7pm but I do be so tired after been up all night, I have read all about the cry it out method is this my only option I feel it's so cruel and I'm so weak I will probably give in I really need sleep hope I'm not the only looper that rocks there near two year old to sleep.



Raye - posted on 01/26/2016




Your 2 year old needs around 13 hours of sleep per day. If he's taking 1 hour long nap, then you should try to get him to sleep around 12 hours at night. If he's getting too little sleep, that could make him more cranky and harder to put to bed.

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