sleeping with my son in the same room.. any tips???

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Hi ladies..

recently i had to sleep in the same room as my 15 month old son.

We have never done this before and it was terrible..

we all didn't sleep till 4.30am and i had a wedding to get ready for at 5.30am!!!

i'm not sure if it was becuase it was strange for him.

during the night, he will cry, but as he is in his own room, i let him cry it out.. wehn we're together its slightly impossible to do that when he's screaming right in your ear..

i am going away in april and there is only 1 room.. :(

i need some advice or tips on how to cope with this please??

thanks xx


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I started springing for the extra room or even a suite. Pricier I know but it saves my sanity. Otherwise one or more of my kids are away all night because the bathroom light bothers them or there isn't a night light, etc. This way we can leave a night light on, it can't reach any of the girls, and we get our own bed.
Good luck. I never figured it out and this was my solution.

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Each time I visit my parents there is only 1 room for my daughter and I. I follow our same bedtime routine as at home but leave the door cracked open so I don't wake her up opening the door. She sleeps with music playing so I just sneak in after she is sleeping. If she wakes in the middle of the night I just lay very very still and don't look at her. If that doesn't work then I get up change and give her a bottle and put her back in her crib. If you are going somewhere else though. I would highly suggest bringing their blanket with to put in the crib.

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Yes! mine also take full advantage of being in close quarters. I would suggested practice runs at home and have your own travel cot and any soothers that he has in his room. Try to keep his routine and the way you go about bedtime as similar to home as possible even if that means you leaving the room to let him settle. Possibly some ear plugs lol. I have said I'm never camping with a young baby again until they are in a very good routine it was three weeks of hell not holiday.


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i have recently had to move back with my parents and am now sharing a room with my son, which we also have never done before. i find if i put him to bed before me with a little nightlight he will soemtimes cry but will fall asleep. once he's asleep i'll go in and sleep. he still wakes up earlier than usual but at least i'm getting about 5 hours of sleep a night

Anna-marie - posted on 02/05/2011




thanks for that...
Thankyou for that :)

i always thought it would be great to camp, but after that little problem.. i think it would be a nightmare!!!!

i need to do something as we'll be together for a week and if i only get 1 hr sleep each night, then i won't be much fun at all!!! hahahaha...

thanks again.. x

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