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I have a 1year 1month old boy. Nights were always a problem. up to 8 months he never slept in our bed but since then he started sleeping in his bed at 9pm then wakes up at 1am and i sometimes spent till 5am trying to put him to sleep again. once i couldn't take it anymore and put him in our bed and he slept immediately. then it has always been the same pattern sleeping at 9pm, waking up again 1am, put him in our bed and sleeps. But now he's not sleeping well either, wakes on and off and nights are terrible. he's teething as well, coz he had only 2 teeth up till now and now he's getting 6 all at one go. maybe because of that?? any suggestions? thanks


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Eavan - posted on 11/19/2015




Give him babies magic tea to soothe him from any tummy trouble and he'll sleep through the night. It's safe and healthy tea free of preservatives.

Louise - posted on 04/09/2010




I have never aloud my kids in my bed becuase of this problem. A child would rather sleep with mum and dad as they feel secure and once you have started this habbit it is a very hard one to break. Unfortunately all that you can do is put your child to bed and let him cry it out. This will take about 3-4 nights of no sleep. If you manage not to break and keep him in his bed your bed will be, I promise you, your own again. Your child has learnt a response of cry mummy gets me sleep in her bed I win. When he wakes at 1 am go in to see that he is safe and there is no obvious problem and then leave the room. Let him cry for 10 minutes go in again re-settle him and leave no eye contact, no speach and so on. Eventually he will learn that crying will not bring him the reaction he wants and hopefully he will learn to self settle. My daughter was the same receiving 6 teeth at a time rub some teething gels all around his gums and give gentle pain relief. It is going to be a fight but worth it in the end. I feel for you I really do. Good luck

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Good Morning! First off, My take on a child sleeping part of the night in your bed is....If it works do it. They aren't going to be in your bed forever, and sometimes they just need mommy a little more. If teething is the problem, what are you doing to comfort him? For my 16 MTH old (just now getting her first molar) we give her homemade popsicle during the day, and when she is really bothered by her teeth I give her a little clove oil. I mix the clove oil with olive oil..just a few drops of clove, and rub it on her gums. WORKS WONDERS! You could also try anything for teething I suppose, but the all natural approach worked better for us. I never used oragel and all the others seemed to ware off quickly. Most nights my daughter goes down in her bed easily. She does still wake up anywhere from midnight to early morning, and sometimes several times. Same here, I think it is teething. She is still breastfeeding and always seeks that for comfort. So I just get her and bring her in bed with me. Some nights are harder then others, but they're world is changing fast and they won't be little forever. Do what you can to comfort him before bed. Maybe a special book or warm bath. Try the clove oil for the teething. GOOD LUCK!

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hi i found tizzie halls, "save our sleep" book fantastic! shes very strict and we didnt follow down to a T (things like dummies, my son still has his) but i found a lot of what she says helps also on the days i used the karitane and tressilian helplines (24hrs) FANTASTIC just when you need a bit of reasurrance and one last thing i found was alot of people like to gloat about what great sleepers thir child/babies are when in actual fact they're not telling you about the bad nights they've experienced almost like a competition of whos the besst mother/child, but at the end of the day they are just babies and we cant expect too much from them.... hope it helps a little cause your def not alone

Alie - posted on 04/09/2010




Went through the same thing when my daughter started teething. She was getting four teeth at once and wouldnt sleep. Sometimes she would cry a lot, but sometimes she just wouldnt sleep. I started putting night time baby oragel on her gums and giving her small dose of infant tylenol at bed time and that helped a lot. Not completely though. She would still wake up around 4 am wanting to come to my bed. So I stopped going to get her and just let her cry a bit. I'd let her cry for no more than 20 minutes. If it went beyond that I would go sit with her or bring her to my bed, but 95% of the time she would just go back to sleep within the 20 minutes. She still does it occasionally, but it's rare now. And I still use the oragel/tylenol combo when teething.

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