Sleeps at his ex wife house with daughters

Marie - posted on 11/13/2017 ( 1 mom has responded )




My boyfriends daughters live in a different state than he does. Before we got together, When he visits them he usually stays at his ex but now that we are together he informed me that he’d stay at a hotel. I try to be trusting and not overbearing with questions but he told me that he fell asleep in his daughters bed while she read him a story. I haven’t asked any questions due to being upset but he apologized and to find out he’s still at his ex house. They are friends and been divorced for over 2 years. My question is how do I handle that knowing how much he misses his daughters and loves me but did not stay at a hotel like he said..... note: he was on there for 2 days and 1 night.


Michelle - posted on 11/13/2017




I agree with the other ladies.
You need to look at yourself and why you don't trust him.
I think it's great that he still gets along with his ex, for the sake of the children. He was honest with you about where he stayed, that says that he should be trusted. If he was still having a relationship with his ex, he wouldn't have told you he stayed at her house.
I think you need to learn to trust him or you will drive him away. His children come first and if it is always going to be a problem when he visits them then he will chose them.

Sarah - posted on 11/13/2017




Do you have any reason to think they are still having a relationship? If he gets along well enough with his ex that he can be there for his girls; I'd think a good thing. He did tell you that he stayed there on his own. I agree with Dove if you cannot trust him, then you should move on. You not trusting him does not mean he is not trustworthy; that's what you need to determine.

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