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Alexanna - posted on 09/03/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi all,

My boys (twins) have just turned one and they seem to be much sleepier than other babies so I'm starting to wonder if something is up. They wake at 7 and are desperate to sleep again by 9, nap for over 1 hour and then nap again at 12 for two hours. Bed is at 6:45 as that's as long as they can last!

If I didn't wake them after one hour at their morning nap then I think they'd sleep for 1.5 but I worry this will cause them to wake earlier the next morning so don't let them. Sounds cruel but I need my sleep too! The only thing is that everyday they are terribly stressed out after their 9am nap until they are fed lunch and put back to sleep at 12.

Any comments on all this would be much appreciated! Do any of your 1 year olds still like a long morning sleep?


Tina - posted on 09/03/2013




My son went to school at 5, the school called me to ask if everything was ok at home - as every day he would fall asleep, every morning and every afternoon. He went to bed at 6:30pm for years. He was my third, and completely different to the other two that never slept, I am sure they did, but it didnt feel like it at the time! He slept as a baby, slept when I went shopping, slept in the car and slept in the afternoon until 3pm then after tea back to bed, it was normal for him. I didnt worry about it just appreciated it. I would always recommend a quick check up, if all good, dont worry, many more mums complain their child does not sleep. If they are eating and drinking all is good. BTW my son is a strapping 6.2 and very healthy, and still sleeps for England. My daughter is 5 foot nothing and my other son is 6.4 he never eats and never sleeps, well sometimes.

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