Smacked 1 year old in Anger :(

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Hi everyone...I am posting because I feel I need to write to get things off my chest and just see what advice everyone has to offer. My birth mother committed suicide shortly after I was born. Supposedly she suffered from post natal depression quite heavily. There is a lot more detail to it but I just mentioned it because I wonder if it is hereditary? Sometimes I just feel so angry and frustrated. I feel incompetent like cooking and cleaning and taking care of the baby are tasks that are at time too difficult. Anyways all that aside, I will get to the point. Today I baked my one year old some muffins, I was really excited for him to eat them because it was a new recipe and I hadn't baked him muffins as of yet. He was eating them but then he decided to start shredding it and throwing it all over the place, especially at me. I don't know why I got so angry, I mean I know it can be cleaned up but I just got really angry and I slapped him. He did it again and I slapped him again. I kept telling myself 'he is only a baby, he can do no wrong' but at the same time my anger was at boiling point. Now I am worried that it will forever scar or affect him? I wonder is there anyway to teach a 1 year old to listen or are they just too young? Also it is close to the time of the month for me and I feel like I am not in control of my emotions at that time. Is that extreme PMS!? I hope some of you can share your experiences or offer me some advice.


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Ok this isn't about teaching your child to listen. This isn't his problem it's yours. If you feel you can not handle your anger :

First--you might need to find a support system. I say this because someone needs to be able to step in and take him for a little bit. When I say a "little bit" it could be 15 minutes, or a few days. That part is up to you. This might mean for the time being someone needs to be in your house with you at all times.

Second-- You need to talk to a doctor about it and get on medication. You might also want to look into anger management classes. Your doctor can also give you medication to help with "your time of the month" mood swings.

Please do not ignore it. I am not saying you are to blame, but you will be to blame if you do not do something to ensure your child's safety. He is only one, how do you plan on dealing with a screaming, full fit, hitting and kicking, 3 year old if you are unable to handle thrown food?

Is it genetic, that's debatable but the truth is it does not matter too much. If you have it you have it, if you don't you don't. It seems you have something going on and you need to find a solution.

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