Small Baby at 15 months

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Hi all! My princess just turned 15 months in August 18th. I took her to her 15 month old appoint and she weighs 16.12, still tiny! She is still not walking but she is cruising like crazy and can't be sitting still, she is exploring everywhere. She is still in formula, doctor wants her to take formula until next appoint (18 months). Her height is in the 25% (29.5 inches) and her head in 51%. Her weigh doesn't even show in the chart. But she is very healthy and happy and smart. I just don't understand why is she so tiny. Anybody has a small baby? hugs to all of you!


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Angela - posted on 09/02/2011




i had a daughter like that weighed 18 lbs from 9 months till 2 1/2 years. just kept gettin taller. shes healthy now. we had tried everything formula til 15 months and then cake n cookies before bed. nutritionist recommended. is now 7, 48 inches tall and weighs 42 lbs. genetically she will be tall and skinny as my 3 boys will be too. whole milk worked with them. 4 glasses a day.

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My girl is 19 months & on the thin side. I got her beefed up by switching her formula to Ensure (exact same thing as pediasure, they just charge more for pedisure). I also started to give her heavy whipping cream which has 50 calories per tablespoon. My girl isn't a great eater, maybe due to GERD & I am doing this under the supervision of her dr.

She is really thriving on the vanilla Ensure & is now normal for height & weight. Also you can mix her formula is rice milk (I get mine from Trader Joe's) for the extra calories too. I still give her a scoop or two of formula for the iron. My dr is okay with what I'm doing & it has worked really great.

LOL, I had a huge baby that was really skinny. She is 19 months old 37 inches tall & now 28 lbs, but it took alot of work to get her weight up.

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