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Hello, I have a 13 month old daughter who, like me has small feet. I am having problems finding hard soled high tops that are in her size! She is currently wearing a size 1 (actually that is a little bit too big) She is starting to stand and walks with help, but I really want to have her ankles supported when she is learning! Does anyone have any recommendations? Any websites or links are greatly appreciated! We have been lucky enough to find 2 pairs of hightops at walmart. Just by pure luck! Thank you for all of your help!


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It is recommended that small children learn to walk either bare foot or in the little padded shoes, I was told this by both my ped and my chiropractor they said it was better for their gross motor skills development. I wouldn't worry about the high tops let her go bare foot she will be stable their little ankles do not need a lot of support as she is building up those muscles when she pulls herself up on things.

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