Small nodule on neck, yes I plan to go to the Dr but anyone have advice in the meantime?

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Daughter is 2 1/2, I noticed a blue (color of a bruise) pea sized nodule on her neck (between collar bone and head) on her right side a week ago. I set a Dr's appt, explaining this to them and they didn't feel it was urgent enough to get her in right away. Her appt is 2 weeks from today. I get this could have been on her neck all along, I need to get a Dr's opinion, etc, etc, ETC. However, anyone else been through this? My mind is racing and I am worried. :( Thanks for reading.


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Obviously yr doctor will know best, it's great that you have that booked and it will depend on so many things- BUT by way of reassuring you that among the things it could be, one totally harmless thing it could be is something both my stepsons had as infants- now I cannot remember the 'technical name'- something with 'thryoidal-glottal' in the name but it's basically a harmless type of cyst that can be part of, or related to the thyroid- in other words just a little fluid-filled cyst that was easily removed with minor day surgery at about 2-3ish years of age and has cause neither of them any bother since and they are both teens now. I know it's hard to stay calm and easy to imagine the worst but for what it's worth, at least you are going to the Dr quick-smart.


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Louise - posted on 02/11/2011




This could be a number of things so it is best to get it seen. I think having to wait two weeks stinks and if I were you I would phone up again and make another appointment. If the receptionist says is it urgent then reply yes. If they ask what the problem is tell them its a matter for the doctor and not a receptionist. Some of these receptionists are dragons and they are not medically trained to decide what is urgent and what is not. I don't feel that this is anything serious it could be a bruised vein as toddlers are always bumping themselves, but to put your mind at rest tackle that receptionist again!

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