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Dawn - posted on 06/14/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




Beware of the new fad kids are trying. They don't realize it's dangerous but kids are crushing up smarties and breathing them in like they are smoking, some kids are putting it up their nose. If you google, bing or just look up "smoking smarties" you will find out all the info.
I would NEVER have thought my son would do something like this, but I really believe these kids dont think it's bad because it's not "drugs"
There are health issues and it explained a really bad cough he had for about two weeks. Thank God he had/has a best friend who we are close with the family.
A friend of his showed him how to do this. It's so important we keep an eye on who our kids are friends with and mothers talk and keep each other posted. If I wouldn't have know had it not been for this great friend.
Please take it serious.


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Kaitlin - posted on 06/15/2012




I'm sorry you have to deal with this.
It's in no way a new problem though, it just gets no publicity. Kids did it all the time in middle school and high school, and you can use any candy- a particular friend of mine used altoids a lot.
Kids are so dumb sometimes! I hope your son gets better! Thanks for talking about it.

Dawn - posted on 06/15/2012




They do not get high off of them, thank God, but the imitate smoking and don't realize how bad it is for their lungs and sinus cavities. My son has always been against smoking and has been in "Just say no" programs and swears he would never do drugs - not knowing the harmful effects and thinking "it's just candy" - to my shock he did this for a month or more. He had a horrible cough and his throat hurt so I thought maybe it was strep. It wasn't and we counted it as allergies being bad - to my shock, after reading the article, it explains the cough.
I dont blame the friend that showed him because he had his own choice, but I am very on top of who he is friends with and who I allow him to hang around.
Read the article - there are many others on the internet, even youtube clips to show you how to do it...makes me sick as a mom!

Katherine - posted on 06/14/2012




What???? That's insane. What will they think of next? I don't understand how it's like they get high off of it?

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