Smoke Rises. If my baby is crawling on the floor and the weed smoking coming out of my mouth is rising (according to science smoke rises) is this ok?


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Chana - posted on 03/12/2015




Please tell me this is a Troll! If not she needs serious parenting help or needs her baby given to someone who can take care of it properly. If you want to ruin your health that is your business but your baby did not ask for their health to be ruined. My parents both smoked, not weed, just cigarettes/cigars but my lungs paid the price for it. I suffer from asthma, chronic bronchitis and have difficulty breathing if it is too cold, too hot, too humid you name it. So for the love of your baby stop smoking!

Raye - posted on 03/12/2015




Not ok. "According to science" smoke doesn't always rise. It depends on the density of the smoke particles compared to the density of the air in the area and if there's any air circulation (a closed room wouldn't eliminate the smoke). Stop doing drugs if you have a kid to take care of.

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