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Robert - posted on 05/01/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I'm a father not a mom. I'm in a reverse role of the deadbeat dad. My ex-wife is actually the deadbeat. Refuses to get a job n claims she choses to be a stay at home mom. R kids r 10 n 12. Theyte in skool 8 hours a day. Jn my eyes a stay at home mom is home with the kids all day long. There's no reason she can't get a job cept that if she did shed lose her food stamps. She uses the money I give to her for the kids to support her drug habit. She even smokes weed in front of the kids n says its ok cause its better than cigarettes n its legal in sum states. Idiot! I live in pa. Does anyone know if I can press charges on her for that? The next thing u know shell be lettin them try it to be able to have a closer bonding relationship with them. Ill def be pressin charges then. Thanks for any answers. Frustrated father bobbob


Maria - posted on 05/01/2014




Take your kids away from her and pay a nanny its better to have them safe and loose a bit of money then have them in danger. Take my daughter as an example she always coughs when she passes bye someone on the street that is smoking maybe your children are amune to it but my child coughs like a lunatic afterwords or help your ex wife quite smoking.

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