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I need to take a snack to my daughters preschool. What is a healthy snack that the kids will enjoy and meets all the necessary requirements? I think I only have 10 kids to supply for.

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Angela - posted on 12/14/2008




reading the responces of others i would like to add check for allergies and make some biscuits or something like that and take an ingredients list as well

Cassandra - posted on 12/14/2008




Donna said everything I was thinking! As a teacher, we cannot serve the the kids homemade things anyway because of allergies and lawsuits mostly. When I have to take things in to my Daughter's class, I usually do Teddy Grahams, or Earth's Best snacks in the individual bags. My daughter really likes Welch's Dried fruit snacks too so we do take those. I wuld just check with the policy of your daycare/preschool to make sure its okay.

Donna - posted on 12/14/2008




I worked as a preschool teacher for years!! Advice from a teacher... make it easy and mess free! The teacher(s) have 10 small children to take care of!!! Things like Jello can stain clothes and ther parents might get angry. Nothing to sugary either, ten children running around on a sugar high makes for a crazy afternoon! Also I didn't like homemade snacks (ex, cookies) because of allergies or even just picky parents. I liked to know what the ingrediants were and the easiest way was to have them printed on the package! Good luck!

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Another idea might be adding some finger Jello I find little ones really like that with a mix of cheese crackers meat.

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You can't go wrong with a platter of fruit. You could even bring some yogurt to dunk their fruit slices into.

Amber - posted on 12/14/2008




well i am suppost to bring healthy snacks to our preschoolers class room too. I figure if we make it togeather it is healthy since it is homemade. lol the teachers know im not bringing crackers and carrots when it is are treat day. We make cookies, puppy chow, and other delights. i'm a bad snack mom. lol but cracker and cheese and or carrots and pretzels.

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You have many choices: raisins, chex mix/trail mix, granola bars, gogurt, cheese sticks, cheese & crackers- either seperate or the small round sandwich ones. Make sure none of the kids have any allergies or specific nutritional needs. Ask your daughter what some of the other parents bring & you can give her some options & ask her what she would like to bring for her friends- they love helping.

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You have lots and lots of options! Start with what your own child likes. If she has a favorite snack, take that. Popular snacks at our preschool are crackers, cheese slices and salami slices or little sandwiches with fresh fruit and/or Gogurt. Any combo of cheese (sticks, cubes, slices, shapes...) with any kind of cracker or pretzel always go over well.

One note of caution: doublecheck with your child's teacher to make sure there aren't any food allergies in the class.

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