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I have a 17 year old daughter starting her senior year. I know she has snuck out but I have yet to catch her. I have heard of system being put on to the doors to have an alarm go off in your bedroom when the door is opened. Does anyone know about this system? What it’s called and where you can get it?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Ev - posted on 08/17/2013




I do not think an alarm system is enough to counter her sneaking out at night.

You should be sitting down with her and asking her why she thinks she needs to sneak out and why she can not come to you and talk about what she is doing. She needs to know and understand that although she is 17 she has rules to follow if there are any set up. She also needs to understand that by violating these rules and sneaking out, she has breached your trust in her and now it has to be earned back.

Here is what I would do:

Take all technology away. Cell phone, computers and anything else she can access the internet with.

Make her ride the bus to and from school.

No going out with friends but they can come hang out with her and do not be afraid to tell them why she is not going out with them anymore.

Give her chores to do at home on weekends to keep her busy.

If she has other school activities, make sure she goes to them and comes straight home even if you have to go and wait on her to get done with them.

Make her earn the right to gain back trust and privileges.

I read this somewhere that if you want to be creative post a chart up and give her a sticker for everyday she abides the rules and then when a certain time frame such as two weeks go by let her pull a slip of paper out of the bowl and see what privileges she has earned back.

Grounding her is okay but will not get the point across. Also an alarm system is not going to do it either as she can learn how to disable it.

Use your parenting skills.

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You can install a security system that will alarm when the doors/windows are opened.

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