So after having baby number 2 a year ago I refuse to have sex.

Dana - posted on 02/15/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




My partner and I have been together for 3 years, and while I was pregnant I didn't want to have sex so we didn't. I have really bad body issues now. I had my baby 7 months ago but my body is worse off than after my first child which is almost 5. After my first it was 2 years before I even thought about sex. I was never like this before kids I didn't care I loved myself even though I wasn't perfect. But now for some reason I just really hate my body hate it enough that I wear a hoodie and sweats/jeans all year long no matter what weather. If I don't I cry. I took the mirrors out of my bathroom and have my own room with a couch only so he cant try and get into bed with me. I function day to day eat healthy, exercise, work, and take care of and love my kids. But he is obviously miserable and didn't sign up for this I feel really bad but I won't even let him touch me. My family told me to get professional help but that costs money we don't have and all the free support groups and counseling don't cover my situation. I hate my body so much that I don't have a sex drive at all and I can't touch my stomach without crying. I have no idea where this feeling and behavior came from this isn't me and I want to just leave my partner for good and have a custody agreement so he can be happy and I can be left alone and not feel uncomfortable because he is around trying to tell me I am beautiful and It just makes me hate myself more and cry. I'm sorry this is so long and depressing but I would like to know if any one else overcame this and if their are any ideas I haven't thought of or tried?


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Jodi - posted on 02/16/2015




I totally agree with the others. You need to get some help. It sounds like your husband cares about you very much. Leaving him and giving him custody will not solve the issue itself. You need to talk to your husband about it and let him know you really need help and you need him to help you find a way, find the money to seek the help. You deserve to be happy, and your children also deserve that.

Gena - posted on 02/15/2015




I totaly agree with Michelle. You need to try and get help. You hate your body so much that you are depressed,it might be something else PPD but you should really try to get help. You should tell your doctor how you feel,they might be able to refer you to a specialist with out you having to pay.

Michelle - posted on 02/15/2015




You sound like you could have PPD, you really do need to go to your doctor and get help. I strongly recommend you try and find the money somehow to see a therapist as your husband may not stick around if he is unhappy.

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