So called "muffin top?"

Amber - posted on 02/11/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




I know it may be an odd question but im sure there are ladies out there with one , i do and i don't like it at all! i hate buying clothes all the ones that are in my closet i can not wear...So question is is the best way to buy for the Muffin top? I have just been wearing hubby tshirts most of the time b/c I stay at home with my son and there isnt really a reason to be all pretty lol, so im ready to start dressing normal again,,,lol.... I have to go clothes shopping now that we have some extra money:) Tips advice??


Gwen - posted on 02/11/2010




Don't buy low rise pants! They just let it hang out over the top.

Buy pants with a slightly higher rise in whatever size fits you comfortably. Trying to squeeze into something too tight just makes the muffin look bigger :-) Fitted blouses are also nice because they give you shape without "clinging" like knits. Or, tunic type shirts. They float away from your body and look prettier than your hubby's t-shirts!

Oh, and v-necks or wrap tops draw the eye up.


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Rabecca - posted on 02/11/2010




spanx are great!! I am not a bigger girl but have a small muffin top but then I am really little above it but also I have big legs and thighs they just seem to smooth everything out and give me that great hour glass shape with out the feeling of being a bound sausage I have the high power ones they are amazing it took me awhile to think okay I will wear this instead of my pretty underthings but the end result looks great .

Also Gewn is right try to find mid rise jeans they dont have to go up to your belly button but just a little higher than the norm you find these days .and I like tops that are tight on top drawing attention to the smallerest part right under my rib cage and then kind of flow out my best investment are great jeans I actually went on the internet and had custom made jeans you can pick the rise color pockets and they go through all these questions to make jeans with the perfect fit for your body type because i am taller have big thighs small waist a bigger high hinny and am pretty long waisted and shorter legs( sounds like I am a mess LOL) its a stuggle to get that fit exactlly right eaither they are too long to but fit my hinny but not my waist so they gap or to tight in my thighs but fit everywhere else once you get a good fitting jean you should not be having them push up and over all the stuff you dont want peope to see

Charlene - posted on 02/11/2010




Spanx are a good investment!

Also, any of the tops mentioned by Gwen, as well as empire waistline tops. Although, it's sometimes hard to find empire style tops if you are busty, unfortunately.

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