So did you ever notice that PT is always done by.......

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the same sex as the child if possible? It wasn't something I really pondered before until I asked DH to stop by Target so we can pick up so real underwear for DD. I've decided it is time to try the underwear route instead of the pull ups full time for the days she is home. I have three weeks until I go back to work and she begins daycare full time again so I might as well try. She's not to happy she ended up with Princesses on them instead of Dora but all the stores around here are literally sold out of Dora, should have bought them when we saw them.

Any way, back to my point.....DH made the comment that we don't need the underwear and I said: "Well if you were potty training her you would try every trick in the book." His comment: "She's a girl so why the hell would I be potty training her? Now if she was a boy it would be different."

Now yes there are those exceptions to the rule but so far, in my circle of family and friends off line, I've noticed that Mommy trains the daughter and daddy trains the things that fly by without you even noticing they do.


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Jodi - posted on 07/28/2009




I potty trained my son. My ex and I were divorced by that time, and he saw very little of his father, so I had no choice. However, because he saw me sitting on the toilet, he wouldn't stand up to use the toilet because he wanted to be like mummy. It was only when I met my current husband about a year later that he would stand up to pee. It was quite funny.

With my daughter, I mostly trained her, but that's because I was home with her. My husband contributed when he was here, but he took my lead and maintained the consistency of the techniques I was using. But really, it just made sense that I do it if I am the one who is home. If it had been the other way around, my hubby would have trained her without question.

Michelle - posted on 07/28/2009




I will probably be the one who potty trains our daughter, but only because I work in a daycare and have been doing it with other peoples children the past 6-7 years. Plus my hubby would have NO idea where to begin! I know he'll help a lot though! He has with everything else so far:0)! But I do think you have a point! It makes sense that mom would help with the girls and dad with the boys, mainly because I couldn't begin to tell a boy how to assume the proper stance, he'd have to sit!!

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I agree that Dad is a HUGE help to potty training boys. When my husband started taking my son to the bathroom with him it made all the difference in the world!

Melissa - posted on 07/28/2009




i am potty training my son, but that's simply because 'm off for the summer and have the time to dedicate to it before school starts back up. daddy helps at night, but it's mostly me. ideally though, daddy would be doing it. it took me a long time of putting the pull-ups on to figure out how to get it right so he wasn't in pain! for about a week, every time i put one on, he'd grab himself and yell "owiee!" i'd have to go readjust...that's something i never realized needed to be done or watched for. girls you just pull the panties up and you're all good! boys have more to be careful of! daddy would have known that! LOL!

Natasha - posted on 07/28/2009




my 3 yr old starts pre scholl in september and i simply told her that if she wonts to go wich she dus then she needs to be a big girl and giv the pull ups to a littl girll she did the girl up the rd and naw she is dry day and night and naw she is trying to tech her dolls lol

[deleted account]

My partner and I laugh about this. It's true, generally. In our case she was the primary potty trainer for our son, but mostly because he liked her help more. :) I was chopped liver. But you know there isn't a male/female issue in our house. Mostly because we are both female. :)

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