So how can I get my baby's dad to spend time with us? He makes more of an effort to make plans with his friends rather than us. and when I confront him about it he blows up


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Allen - posted on 05/18/2014




So, others have asked ... Are you together? I don't understand why he would blow up if you are. However, let's assume for a moment that you're not together. What you should do is consider how you are asking him. Are you using a tone that's trying to make him feel guilty? I know my ex always has a tone that makes me sound like I'm a horrible father, and anytime she brings anything up we end up fighting because of her tone. She lacks this understanding and sadly, we don't get along.

Next time, instead of "bringing it up" like you normally do, why don't you step up and invite him to dinner? You cook, or you guys go out - whatever. Guys usually don't turn down food. Then, after it's done, casually ask, "Why don't we do this again sometime?" If he still blows up, then consider counseling, because you guys need to be able to communicate effectively even if your not together.

Gena - posted on 05/17/2014




do you live together? Are you in a relationship with him? if you are and he blows up at you simply because you ask to spend more time together,maybe you Need to go to counseling with him.

Tanya - posted on 05/16/2014




First, how old are you guys? Because his behaviour seems to be one of a very young guy.

My husband is 39 and if he blew up or if I even had to ask him to spend time with me...I would bust a cap in his ass...

Family is priority... friends are important but family first...

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