So I feel like walking down memory lane

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Being the mother of a 20y/o and 15y/o and gramma to an almost 4y/o who lives with me. I try to replay some childhood memories of them just to brighten my day and remember how amazing it was to watch them as they grew and are growing.
My 20y/o memory...her first favorite toy, it was a wind up musical toy that was a little dog house with a puppy face on it. When you played it, the song how much is that puppy in the window would playand the puppy would move in half circles. It was the first time she belly laughed. She laughed and laughed for so long I thought she would get the hiccups.
My 15y/o well he was a card so there are many but the funniest one I replay is his growl...he had a baby ty beanie lizard(tongue cut off gagged him) and he used to chew on it and growl the whole time at it, he would take it out of his mouth and growl at it and then shove it back in his mouth.
My 4y/o the first time she ever saw keys dangling in front of her, she got so surprised her mouth opened in a big O and her eyes got wide and she started wiggling around like she just couldnt believe how amazing those shiny things were. She got very excited like this every time she saw them with the same reaction. Only lasted a week but it was so amazingly cute.
How about you moms and grammas whats your walk down memory lane?


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Today I attempted to sort through my nearly 22 month old and 10 months old baby clothes to sell and give away. I just couldn't do it. It was actually quite depressing that they weren't in them very long it's like I blinked and bam ones running around the other is pulling herself up. It might be selfsih but I just can't part with some of it. I had to walk away and close the door. I sometimes wish I could turn back the clock just for one day and have my new borns again. I had a stressful birth ended up being c section once he was born they checked him over. He was okay. My partner got to hold him and have a pictue finally I got to cuddle him and I heard the midwife say he's opened his eyes. He looked straight at me. He knew who I was. It was recognition. With my daughter I'd fed her and she was unsettled the midwife said she was hungry she had her. She gave her to me to feed and she went to sleep as soon as I grabbed her. She just wanted mummy cuddles and is very much a mummys girl now. It's cute when she get upset she looks straight up and says mum.

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