So I'm trying to teach my daughter how to eat with a spoon or a fork.

Kaitlynn - posted on 08/29/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




So she just seems to not want to feed herself, she is 17 months is it to early to teach her? and if its not to early how do i get her to feed herself?


Juliannemarie - posted on 08/29/2012




I introduced a fork and spoon as soon as i started feeding her. By 14 months she was successfully feeding herself with little or no mess.

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I didn't introduce a fork until my daughter was about 22 months. I can't remember when I introduced a spoon, but it was well before 22 months. It was a messy operation. I just handed her a spoon and a bowel of dry cereal. I sat down with her and showed her how I ate. It took time but she figured it out.

Even now at 2.5 she will often go for her hands over a spoon or fork. It is a slow process. She is still figuring out when to use a them and when to use her hands.


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