so my lil girl the past 2 years her boobs been startin come and she been get mean with ever one to her lil bro and cu and talk back to me so what i like know about how long af they start gettin there boobs how long af do they start gettin there pms how long do u think i have befor she start it just want know if any one can help me out more on this so we can talk more told her about it she gets mad wen i try talk to her tellin her shr has to lets ne know


Emilia - posted on 11/14/2013




How old is she? I would talk to her, but do it gently. Start with something mother daughter like makeovers, and then lead in with makeup and other big girl stuff if you know what I mean. You're the parent, make sure she doesn't leave. She needs to hear it.

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