So...Netiquette and Circle of Moms.

Samantha - posted on 11/01/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




I recently enrolled in school with University of Phoenix..our Orientation had an assignment based on "Netiquette." The actual assignment, "Have you ever had an experience with miscommunication online? If so, how? what did you do about it?" The FIRST thing I thought of was my first or second post on here, Circle of moms.
One day, after visiting a friend of mine so our kids could have a play date, I vented "What in the world is with the mothers who.." Well, that got bad. I learned how specific you need to be to post anything for the public, and assuming people will "Catch the drift," is one of the largest assumptions EVER. While some mothers understood what I meant, and understood where I was coming from, other's were upset, felt offended and seemed genuinely angry at my post. (it was about food, picky eaters, and putting your foot down.) I didn't mean to make anyone angry, I simply wanted to know I wasn't the only mother who felt how I did. I communicated that poorly, and it showed. 50+ comments later, it STILL shows, and I even went back and edited it. Today, I'm closing the thread, and the next time I post something, I'm DEFINITELY paying attention to the way I word my posts, hopefully the next time goes better.

This particular "need to post this thought." was intended to give a heads up to the other mothers who are either new, aren't very web-savvy, or just don't pay attention to what they're posting. If you don't care about the responses you get from others, then do what you want. If you'd like to kinda of, keep the advice would be, be careful how you word what you want to say. We're on computers communicating emotions. It's easier said than done, so remember that everyone is different, and has their own opinions. Diversity is always good, but when it comes to "venting frustration," be courteous, and as detailed as possible, lol. :)


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I'd like to add to the above excellent post that it is _never_ okay to start throwing personal insults at another poster because you disagree with them, no matter how strongly you disagree.

We're adults here and we don't have to agree: diversity of opinion enriches us. We should, however, remain courteous.

Deal with the argument presented, not with the person at the other end.

Also, by all means be careful with what you write, but also be careful with how you interpret what another person has written. The mood you are in can make a huge difference to how receptive you are to someone else's words, which can lead to a whole can of worms if you read something into them which just isn't there.


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Samantha - posted on 11/07/2011




YES, Very true. I actually had to go back and insert "EDIT: ..." into the main post. Even then it was interpreted in various ways.

Firebird - posted on 11/01/2011




You also have to keep in mind when you're trying to rephrase yourself later on in the comments, is that a lot of people don't read the comments. Not everyone has time to, so they read the OP and state their opinion based on that.

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