So painful whats your opinion on this whole problem?

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Ok growing up I have heard a lot about moms keeping their children away from great dads all because they are mad at them so all through my pregnancy, and even after my beautiful six month little girl was born I have done everything I can to try not being one of those moms. I wanted my daughters dad around her and the only time I really told him no was when he wanted to take her for mothers day weekend because he I am a new mom and I figured that should be my weekend with her to enjoy the fact I am know a mom. :) Well sadly mothers day weekend is when things started going down in the pits for me . :( I ended up being kicked out of the place I was living with my little one all because of really stupid rumors and when my mind started thinking about how my child and I were homeless I couldn't really handle the though of my little one being on the streets with me. So I called her dad even though I was feeling pretty worried about doing this I handed her to her dad temperarely with a verbal agreement that he would not keep her from me and that I would be able to get her back once I got a place and that we would figure out visitations and all that because I did want to do joint custody and not deny him her. Well sadly three weeks after letting her go and me having to pay for 30 minute rides just to see her I got a place where I could have her around and she wouldn't be on the streets. But when I went to go get my daughter his mom ended up stepping outside of the apartment and flat out refused me to take her. The woman wouldn't even let me see her until I handed her everything of value that I wouldn't want to not have on me like my phone in case of an emergency and glasses for me to see. I mean I literally couldn't see my own child all that well when I held her and oh how I wish I could have seen her face more clearly. Well because it wasn't her dad that refused me to take her I talked to my baby's dad and we set up a date that he was to come to me check out my place so that he would know where it is and everything and I could get my darling. Well of course he didn't show. He has know over a month latter has done this many times. He has gone days with out talking to me or saying anything to my messages when all I do is want to talk and see how the baby is doing. He only talks to me when I tell him I am going to have to take him to court and that what he and his family are doing isn't right. Him and his mother are even going as far as to call me names and tell me I am a horrible parent and am so selfish for wanting to take my daughter out of their home. I am on a total meltdown. I finally got a day off work scheduled during the week and am going to turn in the paper work and see what it will take to get all the texts and call logs court ordered from my phone so that I can show the judge I didn't abandon my darling little one and I never stopped caring. Her father just seems to want to keep her from me for really no apparent reason except that he thinks he can do a better job at parenting then I. So at least my advice to people who are thinking about letting the fathers of your children have visitation even unsupervised, please be extra careful and don't do it with out court papers that state exactly what is agreed to. This does hurt so bad and I don't wish it on any one. Especially when all I wanted to do is work on being awesome parents with my ex and trying to make sure there were no disagreements when it came to visitation and all that with our daughter.


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I'm so sorry for what you are going through... but your story is exactly why I always tell people that post on here to go to court asap... and why my ex accused me of keeping the kids away from him... He threatened to take them away and never return them, so I simply didn't allow him to take them anywhere until we got a court order specifying visitation details.

Good luck in court!!

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