so so confused ...really need ur help or suggestions

Katherine - posted on 04/02/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




hi all , i have a 13 months old baby . Since past month things are getting too difficult to handle . i m a stam . . Have a very nice n helpfull husband . My baby used to sleep at 9 pm at night . Now since a month she is sleeping at 12 . Even resisting her naps . She used to tk half n hour morning nap n 2 hrs afternoon nap . Now she has stopped that too n the whole time ...i mean during her nap times ...she yawns n is cranky n i have to try really hard like for 30 mins or more for naps . She still wakes up 2 times at night for bf . I dont mind her nighttime waking so much. I have heard some babies do that till 2 yrs or more . My doc told me to wean her off during the day . . He also says that i should wean her off totally by around 2 yrs . Now that is causing a lot of trouble too . I tried dropping 1 feed n she just ends up wanting more n more . Doc says feed only at night i wrong coz i nurse her about 4 to 5 times . Though some sessions r short ? Any tips on dropping feeds baby is still eating purees ...any thicker consistency n she gags n throws up . No medical prob though but .... Is it ok to still give her pureed food . one more problem is she wants to be carried n held all day ... I understand she may be having seperation anxiety . I love being with her all day . But even in evenings she refuses to stay with my husband for not more than few mins ...10mins max . Hence i end up getting very very exausted . I really have rush through my work if she naps . I tried taking her out ... Like for a walk everyday ...even that is getting difficult . She doest sit in her pram and if i manage to put her in within 10 mins or max 15 i have to come back home n she is crying in pram .is all this normal ???? Any advice ???? I can also see onset of tantrums ... Any tips on it would be helpfull too . Please if anyone has any suggrstions do share .

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