So very unhappy...

Angela - posted on 02/12/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




Wow... I am so very unhappy.

My baby's dad said he was going to look for a nicer, bigger place for us.
I let him file the baby on his taxes cuz he said he would use the money for a bigger place for us.

Suddenly he claims he has $1 in his checking account,
borrowed $20 from me yesterday for lunch,
makes me pay for everything
and is saving every penny of our tax return in his checking account
but not looking for a place like he promised.
Claims maybe he will look in summer.
(Which was not his promise to me before he filed our taxes).

He told me to get rid of all my stuff and my apartments.
I worked all last weekend and got rid of everything furnishing both of my apartments.
He said if I didn't do so (consolidate my stuff and my aparatments), he was not going to continue living with us or helping with the baby.

Now he won't even bother looking for a place with me.
He doesn't "feel" like it.
This is the 6th time in 2 years that he promised to find a nicer place for us
instead of 4 people living in a 1-2 bedroom ghetto upstairs apartment.

The POLICE put a notice on my car in the carport at our apartment this morning.
That I am not allowed to leave anything 'in sight' in my vehicle, as they feel someone will break into my vehicle.
And my children are living in this dump where cops are worried that a video card left on my rear floor of my car will warrant someone breaking out my windows in the carport?

I called him this morning and he swore at me for bothering him at work.
Then hung up on me.

Mind you -
We both work at the same place,
he generally isn't doing anything at work besides watching movies (per his account to me of his daily activities at work),
he goes out for lunch everyday (turns down lunch invites from me),
...but I can't "bother" him at work?
This is coming from a man who MET me AT WORK,
went to lunch with me for our first unofficial date AT WORK,

and now that we are together,
I am not allowed to even look his way or talk to him at work!

...when the whole entire company knows we had a baby together since meeting AT WORK.


Firebird - posted on 02/12/2013




Wow, this guy sounds like a total control freak asshat. (I read your other post too) He doesn't seem to care if you're happy or even if you stay with him so.... Why are you still with this guy?


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Jodi - posted on 02/12/2013





This "He said if I didn't do so (consolidate my stuff and my aparatments), he was not going to continue living with us or helping with the baby. " should have screamed at you to get out. Really? He offered you an ultimatum if you didn't do as he wanted you to? Alarm bells anyone?

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