so when can i get a job?

Brielle - posted on 03/20/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




my baby is still reallly young... and i dont know when its appropriate to get a baby sitter so i can provide more for him. my husband is in the military and sends me home money. its been providing for him .. but not nearly as much as i want for my little one. i want to make some money to support him too... is anyone else having this problem?


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Louise - posted on 03/21/2011




I think this is up to you. If you find a good day care facility and you feel that you want to work then go for it. Personally I did not work when my babies were really young as I did not feel comfortable leaving them but many mothers do. Just make sure you choose a day care that has a good reputation.

Katherine - posted on 03/20/2011




Why don't you work part time? That way you can still spend time with him and just work a few hours a week.

Elizabeth, you are going to the extreme here.

Put her/him in an accredited day care. There a million sites for baby sitters that you can do extensive background checks on.
You have many options.

Elizabeth - posted on 03/20/2011




I have never left my children with anyone who isn't family or someone I consider to be like family until they were able to speak and tell me what went on.
The problem do you know who is a sex offender or an abuser before they do it to someone and get convicted? I don't want my kids to be the victims that get that person put in jail. Paranoid? Maybe. I rather be safe than sorry and have kids that are alive, healthy and loved.

So, I suggest family watch your baby as soon as you are ready to go to work. Plus it will probably be nice to have interaction with people who can actually have a conversation lol

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