Social pressure and parenting choices

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Are you dealing with social pressure to parent your kids in a certain way? Does mommy guilt influence your parenting choices? Perhaps you are a mom who wishes you could give your kids more freedom or you are a mom who feels judged by perfect parents.

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Jessica - posted on 01/12/2013




I need help knowing how to deal with parents who allow their kids to not have a curfew, drink, lie and the lists goes on. These are 16 year old girls and they act like brats, disreccpect their mothers but then get rewarded and never punished for anything. So now everyone (including my daughter) thinks I am unrealistic...mean etc!! My husband agrees with me on how we are raising our daughter but it always falls on me not him. I just have no idea how to handle any of this and I am actually sitting home on my b-day... a saturday night...crying and depressed knowing I have 2 more years to handle all of this!! Any help appreciated!

This is my first post so not sure if I did it right or how I add friends??

~Jennifer - posted on 10/06/2009



369 should post links to the communities on Debating Mums - I'm betting you'd get quite a few (opinionated) members from there.


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Thanks to those who have joined. We are still small in number, but typically the drama permitted group has more members. Feel free to join one or both groups. All moms are very welcome.

~Jennifer - posted on 10/05/2009




Well, I'm in. They both sound like great communities.

Great idea, Ali!

Sharon - posted on 10/05/2009




I do not feel judged by "perfect parents." there is no such thing.

No, social/peer pressure doesn't affect me. I would refrain from spanking my child in front of a non-spanking friends - out of respect for them.

My kids have all the freedom I have judged appropriate for their age.

My only wish is that this world were a safer place and the pictures of local pedophiles didn't have to be posted on the front doors to my childrens' schools.

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I've started 2 new communities that might be helpful.

Check out my new groups.

1. I’m the parent! This is a place where moms can stand up for their parenting choices and vent. This is a free speech group and the title is inflammatory so expect some drama. (We will still uphold CoM guidelines).

2. Let Kids Play! If you believe that kids should play, get dirty, be exposed to germs, climb trees, and risk the odd bump or fall then this is the group for you. Perhaps you are an overprotective parent and proud of it. Feel free to share you views, you are still welcome. I promise that this group will be a drama free zone with no bashing. This is a group is a place where people can share stories and views and swap ideas.

All moms are welcome in both groups. Feel free to join one or both groups and get posting.

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