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My child is 2 in a half. My child father is requesting full custody because he refuses to pay child support. He also stated to me in a message do not call him anymore and that he's no longer picking his son up. When I purchased a new phone my numberwas changed. I did not comminicate mynewnumber to him because he requested me not to contact him. I've beentakingcare of my son since he was born and my son have been living with me. His father is claiming that i kept him from my sonfor 7months because he couldn't contact me on Facebook or phone. However he knows mywork phone email and my son daycare but did not exhausted his resources to contact member also know my home address. What are the chances of him getting full custody because ofthat reason


Michelle - posted on 02/02/2016




It depends on what proof he has that he tried to contact you.
Get yourself a lawyer and get custody, visitation and child support sorted out.
He probably won't get full custody but we don't know the whole story so can't tell you for sure what will happen. He would have to prove you are an unfit Mother to get full custody though.
All these issues should have been sorted as soon as your child was born or you split up.
Child support is a separate issue and has no bearing on if he gets visitation.


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Raye - posted on 02/03/2016




it seems backward to me to try to get custody because he doesn't want to pay support. If he gets custody, he will have to both pay for the child's needs AND give the child all the time required. If he only pays, then you give the time. It's also backward for him to ask for custody, then refuse to pick him up for visitation. So, these things look bad on him.

It will look bad for you to have gotten a new phone number and not provided it to him. It will be up to the judge on how he wants to interpret both your actions.

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