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Hello ladies I am a rape survivor and my son is a product of rape (it happend by a close friend... but he doesn;t know my child is his) Well I'm afraid this guy may resurface so I was wondering what are the proper steps for getting SOLE CUSTODY OF MY SON , SO WE CAN VISIT MY FAMILY IN CANADA . The guy hasn't been listed on my son's birth certificate either .


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Speak with a family attorney. If he hasn't been notified that the child is his, and he's paying no support, and there is no court order pertaining to you having to co parent with him, I'd say you're fine.

But, seeing as how you have to get a passport for your child, and I'm not sure how you do that as a single parent with an absentee parent, (although I know that they DO have provisions for that, I'm just not sure what), consulting with an attorney should help keep everything straight.


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Wow! That is tough! I am so sorry that is something you have to deal with. That is really hard. I have no idea, I am not a lawyer or have ever had to go through a custody battle so don't really know - but it seems to me that if he isn't on the birth certificate he would have to prove he is the father before he could stop you.
Why do you think he may resurface? How old is your son? Did you report the crime to he police? I think I would maybe speak to a lawyer and find out if he will ever have rights to his child. If it is possible that he resurfaces in 2 or 5 years and wants custody or rights to visit - you will want to know how to prevent that and be well prepared.
As far as travel though, I don't think it will be an issue - although your passport office will probably have an answer.

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