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We all know it is near impossible to get a 1-2 year old to sit in their highchair during dinner. This is one of the biggest reasons a lot of families with 1-2 year olds will not go out to eat at a restaurant because it is just too stressful to try and eat while making sure your little one does not fall out of their highchair and hurt themselves. Well what if I told you that you do not have to go to battle every time you want your child to sit in a highchair? What if I told you that your child could stand safely in their highchair and you could enjoy a peaceful dinner at home or even out at a restaurant. I believe if a child could just stand in their highchair (like they so desperately want to do because they are learning) then restaurants would have more families eating there because it is not so stressful anymore. What are your thoughts on this topic?


Jodi - posted on 03/27/2016




"what if they had the choice to stand or sit in their highchair"

I'm sorry, I'm failing to understand how this is a choice for the child. If you are a real parent, it is NOT a choice. It's called a harness and it is called sitting. Period.

I have NEVER had a child who has not sat in their high chair appropriately. Why would you allow your child to stand in a high chair? Your post makes no sense. I've never known a child who prefers to stand in their high chair to eat......let alone desperately wants to.

And yes, we used to eat out ALL the time with our 4 kids at this age. Stress free.


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Michelle - posted on 03/27/2016




I'm with the other ladies, it's called parenting. I have 3 children and none of them kept standing up in their highchairs. They were strapped in and knew that they had to sit there.
It sounds like you are trying to solicit something so I will just warn you now, soliciting is not allowed here so make sure you don't or I will have to delete your post.

Amy - posted on 03/27/2016




Seatbelt on high chair, never leave them alone for one minute and come prepared with a suitcase full of distractions. When they tire of all the goldfish, books, toys, your car keys, etc. let them dump out salt shakers, taste lemon from your iced tea (get camera ready). The point is, don't expect to sit leisurely and enjoy your dinner. My two are in college. I miss having to do all that distracting!!!!

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Thank you for the reply. But what if they had the choice to stand or sit in their highchair and with either choice they would still be at table height? They would have the option to sit or stand, be safe, and be at table height. It wouldn't be defiant but rather they would have a choice until they grow out of the highchair in which case they would likely not care to stand and eat at that point anyways. What are your thoughts?

Dove - posted on 03/27/2016




No... Teach them to sit and strap them in. 3 kids and I never had to 'fight' this issue more than 2-3 times total. We always went out to eat when they were toddlers as well.

And before you think my kids are just 'more compliant' or anything... they are all climbers and have been climbing on anything and everything since under a year... but eating in the high chair is sitting time. Period.

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