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I am currently 20 years old, married, with a 1 year old baby girl.
I dropped out of High School due to family issues.
I have never smoked in my life and I don't do drugs. I don't even drink caffeine.
The reason why I dropped out of High school was because I struggled in math. Ever since I was in Elementary school, I just couldn't catch on. I never understood the concept behind math. I understand basic math, but algebra was a struggle. I got held back in 6th grade. The only reason I was able to pass 8th grade was because I was in the easy classes.

Life at home was not east and I didn't receive any help. I was in foster care when I was younger and around the age of 8 I was reunited with my mother.My mother had bipolar and my mother chose drugs. When I would come home from school, I would see my mother drunk and unable to even use to restroom, so I would have to help her. My mother would always lock herself in her room and never spend time with me. My stepdad was no better. He would work a 9 to 5 and once he came home, he would spend time to himself. He was verbally and mentally abusive to me and my mother. I would ask him to help me with my math homework and he just told me he didn't have the time or told me to do it myself.
My mother was in and out of the mental hospital for drinking antifreeze twice. My mother also had thyroid illness and even flesh eating bacteria. My mother has almost died so many times. I had to take care of her and it was just a struggle to come home, take care of my mentally and physically sick mother and clean up the house by myself and then when it came time for homework my brain was not thinking about math.

When I was about 18 My crazy stepdad came in my room and chocked me. I ran outside and thank goodness my boyfriend at the time came and picked me up. Now I am happily married with my almost 1 year old girl.

After I dropped out of High School, Immediately I went into GED classes for a couple of months. Throughout the year of 2013 I took Reading, writing, science and social studies GED test. I passed all 4 out of 5 test. I just had math. I studied for the math and even took practice test. I was doing pretty well and even got to the 410 on the practice, which is all I needed. I took the math test 2 ties and failed. I got a 370 and 390. I just had one more time to take the math to pass and get my diploma. I prayed and even my family prayed for me to try my best and pass.
I tried so hard and even found the right answers on the calculator. When I checked my GED math score, I failed. I got a 390.
I am just so bummed. Now I have no diploma. How am I ever going to get a job or a career? I can't go to College without a Diploma or GED. I tried having tutors and even had after school programs, it just didn't help me.
I really do not want to have to take all 5 test again. I wasted over $300. I feel so stupid. I wanted to get my GED so bad, not only for me but for my daughter so that way she can say both her parents graduated.

My husband is very supportive. he told me not to worry and to just take care of our daughter.
Do you think everything will be ok? Do I really need that GED? Should I try again in a couple of years?


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My husband doesn't have his GED and he has a good job. Are you sure you need it for college? Here we have a mature application that is for adults that didn't graduate. Also are you only wanting college because you think you need it or is there something you wanted to go into? My cousin just finished a diploma and isn't using it. She loves the job she found while she was in school and it has nothing to do with her diploma.
You're only 20 so there is still time to make up your mind.

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