someone please help me with my 2 kids

Kayla - posted on 01/23/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




can someone please help me i have two kids a daughter who is about to be 3 and a son who just turned 1. my daughter wont potty train and my son is not walk/ talking yet he says a few word but nothing like what his sister was doing. i feel like I'm a bad mother. also i am a single mother and there father does not help me with them nor sees them and i don't know what to do cause my daughter is massively attached to her father someone please help me _


Kris - posted on 01/23/2013




First take a deep breath! Your kids are okay!! I agree with Tee. Let he pick out her big girl panties. It may be taking you daughter longer to potty train because of the new baby. And that's okay. It took forever for my son to potty train. He was older than 3. One day he saw some big boy underwear I bought him. He asked if he could wear them. I said sure, but you have to let me know when you have to go potty. You know that was the we had to go into the doctor for his check up. I think he had 3 accidents in the office. But I was prepared. I just made sure the rest of the day we were home. He had a couple accidents over the weekend and he was set. Except at night that took longer. Invest in waterproof pads or my friend put a shower curtain under the sheet to protect the mattress.

If your son is medically fine, just give him time. Also make sure big sister isn't trying to over do for him. Enlist her help to get him walking. He'll get there. Be good to yourself!

Tee - posted on 01/23/2013




Wow you have your hands full. But you love your kids. Potty training there are a lot of different techniques you have to find the one that will work for her. Let her pick out her big girl underpants and let her know it is wonderful to wear them. Let her get used to the idea of the potty and let her go without any pants from time to time. If you have the time take 3 days and fous on her setting on the potty for ten minutes each hour even if she doesn't do anything celerbrate with her the action of sitting on the pot. When she does do something really celerbrate. She will begin to get the idea of potty training. Give it sometime she will get it.

hmmmm your son I wouldn't say he was delayed but I would check with the peditrician. My godson didn't walk at first and his mother was freaking out. LOL he just didn't want to walk. He is a grown man now and very very bright.. But I can remember her freaking out because he didn't go as fast as his sister I took one look at him and said I bet he can walk he likes for you to carry him LOL I remember the look he gave me within days he was walking across the kitchen floor. Kids do things in there time but we have to encourage them. One of my nieces wanted to get to the cat man she started crawling fast then walking. My grand daughter loves food we held a Klindyke in front of her and she started moving. Find out what motivates him and he will move.

When dad comes around he will be there and your daughter will have her time with him. Your motherhood is not depended on if he shows up to be a good dad. Pick up a book and learn what you can and on the rest pray. I have been a single mother for 28 years with three kids and there are a lot of ups and downs empower yourself with knowledge and shower your kids with love and you will do a great job.


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