sometimes feeling somewhat not needed as much

Samantha - posted on 01/15/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




my daughter is 6 years old 7 in june but feeling very 7 going on 17 lol she is a smart girl but very independent. I remember when i was 18 and she was a baby in arms , excited on how the world worked and playing , we enjoyed going on trips and i doted after her and cautious of her every step feeling very needed but tonight im not feeling very needed. she picks out her own clothes with my approval , cleans her room , packs her holiday care bag while i make her lunches , goes on the computer to play games with minimal help and says the word "like" as many times in one sentence as humanly possible. we go to the park and i get ditched lol and on the walk home after work & school we talk about what we did and if anything is troubling her and she is in awe over highschool and after school jobs that wont even affect her for years to come. shes getting ready to go to her biological fathers for a week. Im still adjusting to this and when i ring her i know she misses me alot. i am greatful for having a happy , healthy smart child but im getting alot of spare time here , how did you react when you noticed your child growing up fast.


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Shaneatra - posted on 01/15/2011




Wow I am going this same exact thing with my 7 yr older.At 1st it made me kind of sad and then I realized that we all grow up but it took a while for me to realize that since I had been a "parent" for 7 yrs lol and now he doesnt want me to kiss him at school or walk im in and when I pick him up from the boys club he tells my boyfriend more then what he tells me and it hurt but I just think its all apart of growing up for them or least thats what Im telling myself because Im still adjusting to this,lol.I have just tried to spend more time in doing things that he likes to do and also I keep our movie night and I just talk to him and let him know no matter what Im always here.Well I wish us both best of luck!!!!!

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My son is 13, and in the last couple of months I have watched him literally grow. I see his shoulders and hips broadening, his skin changing, he is as tall as me, and from behind I see him and he is not a boy any more, he is becoming a man.....and it's SCARY!! I do get nostalgic for my baby.

My husband's daughter has just finished school, she's out in the world, working a job, decided what is next in her life.....where does the time go? We question that every day. But we don't let it stop us from enjoying the time, because it is so fleeting.

Kitty - posted on 01/15/2011




well my daugther is 12 going to 13 in des. and yes i know who you feel because it feel like yesterday you were holding her in your arms but be glad that she is indementdent (sorry for spelling wrong im afrikaans) because you get some kids that just rely on there parents for everything. enjoy her while you can because time flys so quikly believe me.

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