Son disconnected from me and my husband.

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Dear moms, thank you for being out there for me. Your advices are greatly appreciated. I need your assistance in how to deal with this issue. I have 33 year old son who is disconnected from me and my husband. The signs were there for a while for last 3 years but now he is not answering phones talking or willing to sit-down face-to-face and discuss.Every little discussions we had he turns around as disrespectful towards him and his girlfriend. I can't even convince him that he has been controlled and influence to turn against us. His girlfriend's mom herself told me that his girlfriend has controlling.nature. He is not in touch with his old friends not in contact with friends and family. I know he is adult but I'm worried and helpless mom ......


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He's probably tired of his PARENTS trying to control his every move at the age of 33!

Your "baby" is a GROWN ADULT! If he chooses to drop communication with you, there's most likely a reason...and it could possibly be because he's been an ADULT now for FIFTEEN YEARS, and it seems that you may have not been willing to cut those apron strings. ESPECIALLY if you are still taking the step of calling his (also ADULT) girlfriend's parents!!!!

Back off. Let your ADULT be an adult and move forward with HIS life. You don't get to control every aspect any more.

Perhaps he senses your extreme dislike of his choice of partner...or perhaps, as I've said, he's tired of you trying to maintain absolute control.

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