son don't like school

Armel - posted on 07/29/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




going to summer school playing around in class> failing subjects


User - posted on 07/30/2013




how old? my son is 10 he was doing the same thing ?? 1, is he adhd? 2, if not tell him him if he keeps failling every year he'll never get done with school lol and you'll allways end up in summer school and it dont matter how he feels or what he likes he still has to go throw it just like everyone else has for the last what 100 years lol it sounds bad but it helped some with my son a;so taking play time away for bad days and bad grades have the teacher make a parent teacher note book,,, tell the teacher that everyday you want a note telling how there day was and if its bad tell why keep all notes write back and forth if needed thats what we do with my son even at age 5 we did this make sure he knows what will happen if its a bad day like no games no tv no friends today make sure tomorrows a new day dont carey on if u see a patteren take that note book to the his doc so they can see he has trouble in school hop this helps A MOMMY OF TWO

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