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I have 5 month old (3 1/2 month adjusted) twin babies and having a miserable time feeding my son. He turns his head side to side, sometimes cries and takes at least 1/2 hour to eat. He has been on since birth EBM w/ Neosure for the calories (he only weighed 2 lbs. 10 oz) and now on 100% formula. I then switched to Alimentum (dairy & soy free) to see if that would help. Although it has only been a few days on the new formula I wanted to know if anyone else has experienced these issues? I now don't have any time between their every 3 hour feeding schedule because of these issues. I am trying to be patient but want to make sure I am doing the right things for him.


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I had a horrible time with my second child. She vomited every feeding and just screamed her head off for 3 months. It got to the point to when she saw a bottle she would start to gag & vomit.

On accident I tried similac lactose free formula. I had a new baby in a week. I now use the babies r us brand lactose free after the recall & that works even better than the store brand and foams less.

You are not going crazy. You little man may also not like the bottles you are using. You can buy a variety of different bottles from babies r us to see which nipples he likes best, babies r us will take back the used bottles with out question that don't work & issue you a refund.

It won't hurt trying a lactose free formula. I get the babies r us brand for $15 which I was super reluctant to try.

Turns out my girl had a milk allergy. Once I got her on that lactose free formula life was good. Try some different bottles, it can't hurt. One of my babies really liked Dr.Brown's & my other will only take Avent bottles. If I try to give either child a different bottle they will refuse to eat. I have also been told that the alimentum formula has a strong smell & taste.

I was going to try the alimentum formula for my girl, but the lactose free worked great for her. Good luck.

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