Son molested by adult male family member with down syndrome; no jusice

Katie - posted on 07/14/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




The perpetrator admitted to things he did to my son as well as other children. He admitted to myself, his brother and mother. This is all so heartbreaking and disgusting. My cousin is older than me, and I've grown up with him; never having a fear in the world that he would hurt a single soul. His mother went into cover up mode, and a smear campaign against myself and my precious boy. I've recently found out that my story of family turning against you is unfortunately more common than not in these types of situations. As hard as it is, speaking the truth will set you free! I'm devastated that my aunt has gone to such lengths to twist and distort the truth. For those on "my side" (I hate the term because it isn't about sides. It is about the truth and what's right) they trust and believe the truth, and see how her lies and stories change by the day. Now, to top this situation off, it appears that nothing will be done legally. I'm being told that his mother doesn't even technically have to allow the authorities to speak to him at all. While I'm not wanting him locked up (being that he is high functioning downs), I want court mandated therapy for him. I want there to be a clear understanding about this so it never happens again! He knows it was wrong, and would always stop when he'd hear an adult coming. I also don't believe he has the capacity to understand he has scarred children for life. The other part of the situation, is that my son wanted to catch him confessing. He was scared people wouldn't believe him. He has him confessing on tape, my son told his story in the Forensic interview and my cousin and I told the authorities every detail of the confession we heard with our own ears. Please help me comprehend why, at the very least, they don't force the perpetrator into an interview?! I feel as though my son isn't getting any form of justice. The fact that this happened SO MANY times under the care of my aunt is very upsetting as well. She obviously wasn't watching my son, be a useful this happened day and night under her watch. I am struggling with accepting that coming forward was for nothing. I have been trying to take comfort in the fact that we did what was right, and while most of the family hates me, I believe that they will think twice before having the perp around their children. If we save just one more child from experiencing this, then I have to believe that all of this turmoil and sadness was worth it. Sorry to be long winded! Anybody feel the same as I do, or have a similar story? Thank you

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